Several buildings in the town stands representing social and cultural continuity that area, such as:
1. Memorial House Gib Mihăescu writer;
2. Church Drăgăşani Fair which was a big building wall, surrounded by walls, some of which are still preserved today. Around them were given fighting between dolphins and Turks in 1821. It was demolished after World War I and stood on the same site of the present cathedral;
3. St. Ilie Church, cultural monument, which was built for the third time in 1834;
4. Assumption Church (Church of the horse), Capul Dealului neighborhood, historic 1824;
5. St. Nicholas Church in Gardeşti neighborhood;
6. Roman camp ruins “Russidava” or  fortress “Lord Dew” discovered in Momoteşti district about 150 meters from the national road  - Craiova, via Găneasa;
7. WineMuseum in the city center.