Cabernet Sovinion

Cabernet Sauvignon was introduced in Dragasani the vintner G. Simulescu in 1867.

Butasi vita de vie - soi Cabernet Sauvignon

Butasi vita de vie – soi Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are categorized as red wine grapes. Old French variety known since the time of Cardinal Richelieu, grown in the wine region of Bordeaux, Medoc vineyard.

• Variety of vegetation relatively long period (175-195 days), has force than 65-70% growth and middle fertility fertile shoots ..
• show some tolerance to phylloxera, so the roots can grow and own land nefiloxerate (solificate Psamo-pelitic soils). Biological resistance: has good tolerance to cold (-20,-22C), very resistant to drought, good tolerance to mildew and gray mold of grapes, delicate hand, moths and mites resistant medium
• It cultivates good results Carpathian vineyards in the south, and poor skeletal soils in the man-battered, ferruginous and the terraces.
• production of grapes that are obtained are generally small, 6 to 10 t / ha and fluctuating.
• Technology is a high quality variety as full maturation accumulate 200 to 220 g / l sugar and the supramaturare achieve 270 g / l and even 300 g / l total acidity balanced by 4-6 g / l H2SO4