Cramposie Selectionata

Cramposia is one of the oldest grape varieties (being cultivated since the time of the Dacians) that survived the phylloxera attack in the late nineteenth century, when they lost the majority of local varieties.

Butasi vita de vie - soi Cramposie

Butasi vita de vie – soi Cramposie

Is known as the Carloganca or Baldoaie in Oltenia and as the knuckle in the Dealu Mare.
Cramposia selected was obtained in 1972 from the Research Station of the wine Dragasani compared to this old variety Cramposie big productions, but only for getting wine.
Obtained wines are dry, balanced, fruitful flavor and aroma of ripe fruit (yellow apples and pears).

Fri cool, with an alcoholic strength of 11.4 to 11.8% and an average acidity from 4.5 to 4.7g/l
Are grown only in Romania.
Grapes of the variety Cramposie are part of table grapes.
In 1972, a group of researchers at the Research Station WINE Dragasani approved a new variety called Cramposie selected, obtained by fertilization of the old variety Cramposie free. Unlike Cramposie variety that is functionally female flowers and the phenomenon margeluire Meier (caused by lack of fertilization of flowers) manifests strong Cramposie selected variety is normal hermaphrodite flowers and because of this do not have these negative aspects.
Cramposia selected productions, large (16,500 kg / ha) and constant from year to year, but it has qualities mixed variety of old Cramposiei in that varietal grapes selected Cramposie not have the same quality features that eat grapes fresh.
Full maturity of the variety selected Cramposie takes place in the second half of September, when accumulated between 190 and 205 g / l sugars and total acidity must average 5.0 g / l Obtained white wines are generally dry, balanced, fruitful, producing by their freshness and suppleness in the mouth, a pleasant coolness.
Alcoholic strength of wines made from varieties selected Cramposie is 11.4 to 11.8% and a total acidity of 4.5 to 4.7 g / l Cramposie selected variety is included in the basic range of Dragasani vineyard, which has replaced the old variety Romanian culture Cramposie. Being an appreciated variety, selected Cramposia is grown in other vineyards in Romania, including: Murfatlar-Medgidia Panciu Odobesti etc.
Cramposie variety selected because it meets only in Romania, this variety, the characteristics it has, can arouse, through judicious promotion, a special interest among consumers in other countries, contributing to a better knowledge of wines obtained in Romanian Romanian varieties.