Feteasca Alba

Feteasca white variety was known in our country long before the invasion of phylloxera.

Feteasca white variety is grown on important areas in Transylvania and Wallachia, which gives the best results.

At the opening of buds knob is easy cloth, green with amber-red hue. Shoots is glabru, ribbed, colored in red-brown on the sunny side. Grapes small to medium (90-110 g on average), cylindrical or cylindrical-conical, wings, although not uniform in grain size. Grain is small, spherical, thin skin verdegalbuie color, covered with a thin layer of bloom, pistilar point apparently being a varietal character. Flesh is juicy, pleasant taste, harmonious, unflavoured.

Feteasca white is one of the most vigorous Romanian wine varieties with high power accumulation of sugars in the grapes and good adaptation to climatic conditions in the north.
High quality wines that are obtained are superior dry, semidry or sweet, liqueur, harmonious set and specific varietal bouquet