Feteasca Neagra

Old Romanian variety, place of origin on the river Prut.

Butasi vita de vie Feteasca Neagra

Butasi vita de vie Feteasca Neagra


Due to late ripening grape and ability to accumulate sufficient amounts of sugars (picked to have 260-270g sugar supramaturare) d have superior quality red wines.
The wines are generally dry but can be obtained and semi-dry wines.

Depending on the grapes from which the wine is ruby red with shades shades of brick red garnet red with purple hues. The aroma is of dried plums with traces of almonds, raisins, spices (cinnamon, cloves).

Black Feteasca is an ancient grape variety native of Romania, from which we obtain the wine of the same name. It is grown in various vineyards in Moldova and Muntenia. Wine obtained can be dry, semi-dry or sweet, with an alcoholic content of about 12 to 12.5%. It is a red wine with ruby tints and flavor of black currants, richer and finer with innvechirea.