Butasi vita de vie - soi Merlot

Butasi vita de vie – soi Merlot

• The kind old French wine region Gironde, Bordeaux, Medoc vineyard, where they cultivate with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and get famous wines of the area.
• Merlot is medium vegetation period (170-180 days) requiring active 2600-2800C temperature. Force has high growth and develop foliage. Shows good fertility and fertile shoots 70-75% higher productivity than Cabernet because grapes are higher. Dezmugureste later, by the end of April, Parga grapes begins early, in the first days of august and full maturation is achieved at about 3-4 weeks after the variety Chasselas Dore (period IV-Va).
• Biological Resistance: variety with low resistance to cold (-16,-18C) and drought sensitive hand middle mildew and rot resistant, susceptible to moths and mites.
• It is cultivated mainly in southern Moldavia and Muntenia and Oltenia.
• It needs fertile soil and moisture provided. Drive on tall stems semiinalte.
• Technology is sort of quality, but not reach Cabernet Sauvignon.
• production of grapes varies depending on the area of culture, from 6 to 8 t / ha Minis at 16 to 18 t / ha Odobesti.
• At full maturation accumulate 190-200 g / l sugar with acidity of 4.4 – 5.5 g / l H2SO4. Because of peeling thin beans lose water easily and can reach concentrations in sugars 220 – 240 g / l