Muscat Ottonel

Butasi vita de vie - soi Muscat Ottonel

Butasi vita de vie – soi Muscat Ottonel

• This variety was obtained in France in 1852, a mixture of free seeds from fertilization. After the latest research seems to be the result of hybridization between varieties Muscat de Saumur x Chasselas Dore.
• variety with medium vegetation period (165-175 days) and low thermal requirements, requiring active 2500-2900C thermal balance. Growth vigor is medium and very high fertility, over 85% fertile shoots, inflorescences often with 2 floors. Mature wood shoots very well, apart from the fruit buds chord. Dezmugureste in the second half of April, Parga grapes occurs early in early august and maturation is achieved at 1-2 weeks of the variety Chasselas Dore (Fourth Age). Early autumn the leaves turn yellow, indicating precocity variety.
• Biological Resistance: variety with good tolerance to cold (-20,-22C), less resistant to drought, sensitive hands and mildew, rot resistant medium gray, grape moth susceptible to attack, especially in the south and in areas driest. In recent years, Muscat Ottonel proved to be sensitive to acid rot of flowers, manifested by brunificarea of ​​parts of flowers by binding beans, the disease is caused by fungi of the genus Botrytis, with the vector nematodes.
• The best results grow on slopes with sunny exhibitions on medium or low fertility soils, but assured humidity (middle third of the slope). The finest wines are obtained on skeletal soils, limestone.
• Technology, Muscat Ottonel, cool areas is of high quality.
• The amounts of sugars accumulate full maturation of 190-210 g / l and the supramaturare reach 250 to 270 g / l and a high content of aromatic substances.
• In warmer areas, the variety has a major drawback, lack of acidity 3.3 – 3.8 g / l H2SO4 also high in oxidase enzyme, which makes the wines produced are easily prone to disposal (brunificare).
• grape production are variable, depending on the area of ​​culture, from 7 to 8 t / ha Lechinta up to 12 to 14 t / ha vineyard Iasi.

Muscat Ottonel is part of wine grapes.