Sauvignon Blanc

Butasi de vita de vie - soi Sauvignon Blanc

Butasi de vita de vie – soi Sauvignon Blanc

• The variety is cultivated in large areas of France, Bordeaux wine region, Sauternes vineyard to obtain sweet wines, from which it appears that he has originated.
• variety with medium vegetation period (165-175 days), requiring active 2600-3400C temperature. Shows the effect of growth medium and good fertility, fertile shoots 60-70%. Dezmugureste in the second decade of April, Parga grapes occurs early in early august and full maturation is achieved in 2-3 weeks from the variety Chasselas Dore (period IV of the Petit Sauvignon) and later by about week in Gros Sauvignon (age V).
• Biological Resistance: less showy winter hardiness differences were found between the two forms, the Petit Sauvignon resistant (-20,-22C), and a more sensitive Gros Sauvignon (-18,-20C). Has medium resistance to drought and mildew, susceptible to hand grape gray mold and moths.
• It is a cosmopolitan variety, exhibition prefer slopes with southern or south – west, good sunny supramaturarea providing conditions for grapes.
• Technology is a high quality variety. Accumulate large amounts of sugar 195-220 g / l total acidity must be balanced with 4.5 – 5.5 g / l H2SO4 which allows culture in dry areas (eg Murfatlar).
• obtained wines have aroma characteristic. To obtain sweet and sweet wines is necessary supamaturarea and botritizarea grape harvest losses to 8% -17%, but offset by the quality of wines produced.

Sauvignon Blanc is classified as wine grapes.