Tamaioasa Romaneasca

Butasi de vita de vie - soi Tamaioasa Romaneasca

Butasi de vita de vie – soi Tamaioasa Romaneasca

It is an aromatic variety which originated in southern your Ancient Greece was brought to Romania by Greek colonists.

Romanian Romanian muscatel grape variety is used for getting quality aromatic white wines. Sweet or semi-sweet wines are obtained with an alcoholic strength of 12 to 12.5%, yellow gold and a rich aroma of flowers and honey. Have a strong taste and a perfect harmony between sugar, alcohol and acidity.

For muscat flavor from aging in bottle lasts for 7-8 years by aging wine changes its hues gaining olfactory characteristics suggesting Honeycomb smell.
Due to its powerful personalities Tamaioasa Romanian wine was called by many a “come-masterpiece”.

• The source of this variety is unknown, it appears to be of ancient Hellas. Spread to countries around the Mediterranean, is known to us before the invasion of phylloxera, that is considered domestic variety.
• The variety with medium vegetation period (165-175 days) and high demands heliothermal, requiring global temperature 3200-3800C. Growth medium is effective and good fertility, fertile shoots 55-65%. Dezmugureste later, in late April grapes Parga starts early in July sfrasitul and maturation is achieved at 2-3 weeks after Chasselas Dore variety.
• Resistant bioloogice: a variety picky, sensitive to cold (-18,-20C) to drought or excess moisture, strongly attacked by diseases, grape moths, wasps.
• For the culture of this kind are needed clearly defined areas due to its ecological plsaticitatii reduced. Prefer areas with long, sunny autumns, of drought, allowing the slow accumulation of sugars and flavors in wine, grapes supramaturarea while their botritizarea.
• Technology, the full maturation accumulate 200 to 210 g / l sugar and the supramaturare reach 250 to 270 g / l and can easily exceed these values, without total acidity of must fall below 4.5 – 5 g / l H2SO4.
• In order to avoid crop losses, it is recommended that harvesting to be done in 2 to 3 stages, as supramaturarii grapes.
• production of grapes are small 5-8 t / ha, but can reach 10 to 14 t / ha.

Tamaioasa Romanian variety is part of wine grapes.